Our Story So Far…

Hello there, my name is Jo, I am the founder of The Healthy Head Company and I am delighted that you have found us and are taking a few moments of your precious time to read a bit more about how we came to be and what we do, it means a lot.

I set the business up in 2019 following my own experiences with anxiety, stress and mild depression, finally acknowledging that I was not coping as well as I wanted to, and starting to recognise the need to actively manage my own wellbeing and self care routines in order to balance the stresses that are present in our every day lives.

The first step was recognising that life, and my ability to cope with it, was becoming more difficult leading me to the second and hardest step of all, putting my hand up and sharing with others that I was not coping. The third step was where the transformation started, bit by bit using simple tools and techniques that took minutes each day I started to recover. The ability to sleep returned, my heart stopped racing, the negative self talk and overwhelming noise in my head of all that I had to do began to quieten and what had seemed like insurmountable challenges started to become manageable again, allowing me to enjoy life, despite the inevitable challenges that form part of day to day living.

I was so amazed by the changes these practices made that I trained as a meditation teacher through the British School of Meditation, qualified as a Mental Health First Aid Instructor through MHFA England and took the scary step to create more space in my life to not only look after myself, (its sounds selfish I know but your wellbeing is the foundation to everything else that flows so being properly selfish at times is OK, in fact its essential!), but to do “more of what makes me happy” . Sharing all I have learnt is a big part of that ongoing journey.

Its a personal journey, mine will be different to yours but with a commitment to spending as little as 10 minutes a day you can take some regular steps to bring back some calm, balance and joy to your life too.

Whether you are an organisation wanting to deliver Mental Health First Aid training or tailored workshops to support staff in managing their wellbeing through to individuals who want to feel more in control and calmer, The Healthy Head Company can support you on your journey and we would love to do that.

We are a small company, myself and my partner who offers me amazing support and advice as I develop and deliver workshops and programmes that offer simple, but effective methods, to support ourselves to live each moment as well as we can in the context of our wider lives. 

Being mindful of how much content and advice we are exposed to each day and in order to maintain my own Healthy Head, I am not a prolific social media user but I share information from time to time on Facebook, Instagram and through my blogs. See our Contacts page for further details.

We look forward to supporting you as you take your next steps, it would be a pleasure to accompany you.


Let’s build something together.