Life Is Like a Compost Heap!

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Making compost has been one of the most enjoyable things I have learned to do through trial and error over the last 3- 4 years. There is some magic that happens to turn spent flowers, grass cuttings, leaves and food waste into compost that you can put back on the land or into your plant pots to provide nourishment for more plants and insects to thrive. The ultimate form of recycling and sustainability.

I like to look for the lessons nature provides and making compost is proving to be full of them so I wanted to share a few thoughts with you that you may find helpful to think about in how you approach your life.

We have choices! You can compost most things but some weeds or diseased plants need to be disposed of separately and some materials don’t compost well or attract rats. In life we all have choices, admittedly at times we may not like the choices but generally there will be a choice we can make. We can choose the easy route and throw it all on the compost heap or we can decide to put a bit more effort in at the time and deal with what is in front of us in that moment, accepting it may take a bit more effort but the reward will be that it is dealt and we can let it go. There will be no nagging thoughts, nothing will be festering in the background consuming our valuable time or creating more issues for us to deal with later.

If You don’t deal with things they do reappear. It  may take days, weeks or even years but, sooner or later unresolved issues pop up again. You may have the same argument over and over because you have not dealt with the root cause, you may become unwell because you ignored a health issue and thought it would heal or, you may suffer from burnout because you kept going even though you knew deep down you couldn’t keep that pace going in the long-term.

There have been occasions when I have knowingly ignored the odd piece of a plastic label or wrapper that is not compostable or not cut things up small, watching as they land on the compost heap and thinking they will magically disappear or “I’ll deal with it later”. Then later comes along when I am spreading the compost and I spot the plastic and it makes me smile. I recall the day I ignored it and here is the day that I have to deal with it, remove it and feel happy it’s finally sorted out. Ignoring things in life that are making you unhappy is a short term, unsustainable approach. Don’t you deserve a life that is as free as possible of worry or to give yourself the gift of more time and space to deal with the big issues that are an inevitable part of life’s journey?

Make the best compost you can. You deserve a life that is as full as possible with joyful times, happiness and activities that provide nourishment for your mind, body and soul. Feed your compost heap with goodness, take time to sort through issues in the moment and reap the rewards in the months and years to come.

Happy composting!

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